Zero waste travel

the trials and tribulations of a zero waste overseas jaunt Zero waste travel is a strange beast. The carbon footprint of the flight itself is so damaging that its basically the antithesis of living a sustainable lifestyle, and the beautiful irony was that my most recent trip to the US was to present my research […]

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We put our bin out today…

..and I feel guilty AF! It’s been over 9 months since we last put our bin out, so why the hell do I feel so guilty?! This year our bin has been home to rubbish that I’d collected around the neighbourhood, but that wasn’t why I put it out. I started spring cleaning a couple […]

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Sack o’ rice

Now watch me get my rice on In an effort to avoid plastic I find myself in the possession of a large sack o’ rice. And in hindsight I realise that I’m not equipped for storing such a large quantity of rice. (Full disclosure, it sat on our kitchen bench for two weeks before I […]

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