July 19, 2017

Almost is possible

I like to use the word almost for context. There's technically no such thing as zero waste. There's always something, it might not be much, but even a minute something is not nothing, and if it's not absolutely nothing then it's not really zero waste, is it?! That little mention of almost doesn't change my mentality though, I'm always aiming for zero, striving to create as little as possible. Some weeks are better than others and I believe it's important to celebrate those small wins. So if you had a good week, give yourself a round of golf-claps, and if this week was a little more challenging, look for the lessons in those challenges and try again next week.

It's only as hard as we make it out to be, so let's be kind and remember that in the big scheme of things, every thing we do, even the little things are better than doing nothing at all 🙂

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