Why we started

How did almost zero begin?

Well hey there!

My name’s Niki and one day I looked inside my kitchen bin and it was almost empty. It remained this way for a couple of weeks, so I convinced my husband and dogs that we should collect our household waste in a jar for a while. Just a month, I said, hahaha. I wanted to see what we were throwing away and how long it would take to fill up a jar, and 6 months later it was still less than a quarter full.

I was posting about the jar from time to time on my personal social media accounts and a lot of my friends and family wanted to know more about how they could reduce their waste. In answering some of their questions the idea for a sustainability consultancy was born! Through the consultancy, a range of tools were designed to help people transition to this lifestyle. Supported by anecdotes from our own journey, the Almost Zero blog demonstrates this way of life with a warts and all style of documentation and a few rants for good measure!

We personally found the transition to be particularly easy because it has happened so slowly, one step at a time. I started developing the rethink rubbish program to help others follow along in a similar kind of way. Slowly, at your own pace, with plenty of room for mistakes/learning moments along the way!! Whether you are new to the zero waste movement or just looking for ways to take it up a notch I hope you find some value in the stories I share here. Almost zero is very Adelaide-centric because Adelaide is my home town, and I'm a big believer in taking local action on global problems. But that shouldn't exclude people from other areas using this as a framework for creating change in their own lives; the principles remain the same, it’s just some of the location-specific tips and hints that may not apply.

None of us is perfect, but we can try to be almost anything...

The almost zero website launched on Earth Overshoot Day 2017*, a fitting start date for a movement aimed at collective action towards a cleaner future! 

*Earth overshoot day is a shifting date each year that marks when we have used our year's worth of resources. Each year it creeps forward and is a clear marker of the impact of humanity on earth's natural resources.
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