December 30, 2017

Are you buying things just to throw them away?

A little note about bin liners...

Bin liners are expensive - around $5 for a roll, but their true cost is far greater. They're made with petrochemicals which have a significant footprint, and the same feature that protects your bin from contact with your icky waste, also prevents your waste from biodegrading in landfill. It's a sad fact that even biodegradable waste can mummify in landfill instead of breaking down when it's given the Laura Palmer treatment (wrapped in plastic).

Bin liners 'protect' your bin from messy waste like food scraps, which start to decompose in the bin and release the wet-delight that is garbage juice! Once your food scraps are going into a compost bin instead of your landfill bin, you'll probably notice your rubbish is now quite dry. The added bonus here is that you will no longer need to line your bin with a piece of plastic that you buy just so you can throw it away - yay!

Ditch bin liners all together and set your rubbish free! If your bin has a removable insert it will be easy to take the bin out without a liner and empty your rubbish straight into your council bin. If that liner needs a clean then give it one, if it doesn’t then stick it back in its house and walk away! The other option is to create a bin liner using folded newspaper, there are loads of tutorials on YouTube - choose your poison!

It's time for us to change our ways, whether you stop using something altogether or find a more sustainable alternative, either way you can stop buying things just to throw away.

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