Rethinking rubbish at home

Rethinking rubbish can suit any lifestyle, whether you’re time poor or thirsty for more knowledge you can use transition towards zero waste in whatever way suits you. The jar is optional but it does help to keep you on track by keeping your waste visible!!

How on earth can I do this? I've got kids/fur kids!!

A lot of parents worry that having kids means this kind of lifestyle isn’t possible for them, in fact, kids can be great helpers and by getting the whole family on board you’ll be teaching them some really valuable lessons about waste. Unfortunately for the fur parents, fur kids aren’t always as helpful, but that doesn’t make it impossible. We can help guide you through a bit of almost zero style parenting 😉

But my partner/housemates/kids don't care

The reality is, that many people won’t care as deeply as you do about issues like this, however one person can make a difference. Every cause needs a champion, and for collective action like the rethink rubbish program to have impact, it needs lots of champions! Think of yourself as the almost zero champion of your home and lead your household’s rethink rubbish journey. 

Won't this cost me an arm and a leg? I'm on a budget!

This lifestyle doesn’t have to cost any more than your current way of living. In fact, it can actually save you money! Just because there are products out there that you could buy to help you, doesn’t mean you need them! We’ll teach you some hacks along the way to keep any unnecessary spending under control.

but where do I start?

Want to rethink rubbish with us?

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