Rethinking rubbish at work

We are in the process of developing the rethink rubbishTM program for the workplace, and are partnering with businesses to help SA’s workplaces go almost zero. 

Why bother doing this at work?

Well, as it turns out, a lot of people spend a lot of their time at work. Most of us eat at least one meal a day in the workplace, many eat more than one, not to mention all the tea and coffee some of us drink to keep us functional 😉 This all creates waste that needs to be dealt with, so why not adopt some of the rethink rubbishTM principles to try and make a difference at work too?!

But my workmates don't care!

The reality is, that many people won’t care as deeply as you do about issues like this, however one person can make a difference. Every cause needs a champion, and for collective action like the rethink rubbish program to have impact, it needs lots of champions! 

Can I sign up my workplace?

Well, yes and no. We’re currently trialling this service with a volunteer organisation so that we can iron out all the kinks! That doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for future pilots of the program, just let us know you’re keen and we’ll be in touch.

Become a workplace champion!
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