Wipe out waste

There’s a wipe for everything now, wet ones, makeup removers, cleansers, window cleaner, antibacterial, benchtop wipes, floor wipes, baby wipes, deodorant, there’s even bum wipes and wipes for your lady garden! Everything you can possibly imagine can be wiped and we’ve been strangely convinced that we need a disposable single use product to do so. […]

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Carbon footprint wars

When it comes to lightening our carbon footprints, there are a lot of different areas we can improve. Some of the usual suspects like air travel and eating meat get a lot of attention online, the beautiful irony of that attention lies in the fact that it is online. The internet and IT services are […]

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Is recycling the new rubbish?

Recycling is great, but lately it seems like recycling has become the new rubbish. It’s become easy to justify waste by rebadging it as recycling, but that’s just a rose by another name. Recycling is future-rubbish, it’s just not in landfill. Yet.   Recycling is not infinite process. It has limitations and we are now […]

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