Let’s rethink rubbish™












Are you ready to rethink rubbish?

The rethink rubbishTM program is backed by research and has been piloted for use in schools, homes and workplaces. We offer workshops that help people unpack the sustainability problem and also provide support for teachers looking to integrate sustainability into the curriculum.


Rethinking rubbishTM at home is as easy or hard as you want it to be. Generally speaking we’re in charge of what happens in our home, so what are we waiting for?! 

It only takes one person who cares enough to take a stand.

In the workplace, the rethink rubbish program relies on leaders to champion the cause! Our workplace program is currently in a development phase which we will be testing with a volunteer organisation, we hope to publish our results and extend this program to a wider audience soon!







To start with, all you'll be changing is your mind.
How easy is that?!



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