July 31, 2017

Oops, butterfingers is at it again

Oh no I cracked one of our kombucha bottles 🙁 I was diligently cleaning them between batches and went from hot to cold water too quickly - serves me right for being impatient I guess.

Usually broken glass has to go into landfill, but since the bottle is still intact its not destined for the bin just yet. Because it's cracked it can't be used to hold liquid, so now I'm tossing up whether to pop some fragrant oils and bamboo sticks in it and use it as a diffuser, or to fill it with soil and and a succulent and pop it in the garden?! 

EDIT: That's a yeah-nah on the repurposing front! The bottle broke as soon as I tried to get soil in it so it's unfortunately now in my waste to landfill bin with all the other glass I've broken this year 🙁 

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