Let’s talk about one of the biggest problems with our stuff... it breaks. And often it breaks before it should.

It’s easy to adopt the mentality that it’s cheaper to replace than to repair, but actually, if we stop for a moment and rethink it, the opposite is true. What things cost us to buy, what their true cost is and their overall value are different things. What they cost us to buy in that initial transaction doesn’t always reflect their true cost, in fact the only reason some things are so cheap is that they are produced in such high volumes. We don’t need the volumes that are produced so items become cheaper and in the process are perceived as more disposable. Unfortunately when we treat something as disposable it compounds our sustainability problem. It places a demand on the market and adds to the problem of post-consumer waste. On the flip side, we may place a higher value on something we find useful or enjoyable regardless of its monetary value.

What it costs isn’t what it costs.
And its value can be more than its worth.

This is where repair comes in. It’s time to stop unnecessary consumption, especially when repair is an option. It’s time to stop listening to people who say ‘it’ll be cheaper to replace it’ and to start respecting our environment. It’s time to demand that the companies who make our products are making them repairable. It’s time to return to investments in quality items that we treat with respect, that we value and repair so we can stop throwing away so much unnecessary junk before its time is due.

October 21st 2017 is the inaugural International Repair Day, let’s all get onboard and fix something!

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