October 10, 2017

We put our bin out today…

..and I feel guilty AF!

It’s been over 9 months since we last put our bin out, so why the hell do I feel so guilty?! This year our bin has been home to rubbish that I’d collected around the neighbourhood, but that wasn’t why I put it out. I started spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago, and I gave myself permission to throw out one bin worth of rubbish, but that wasn’t why I put it out either. In fact the spring clean has mainly turned up a heap of recyclable stuff like e-waste and a major stash of  t-shirts. So why put the bin out? 

Two words: fish heads. 

While defrosting our freezer on Sunday we uncovered some ancient fish heads, along with some other random frozen relics from our meat eating days. They went into the bin, and now I am racked with guilt. Garbage guilt.

So this is my confession! Maybe confessing will make me feel better, maybe it’ll make me feel worse; but part of this zero waste journey has always been about transparency. I never anticipated feeling garbage guilt, and if I hadn’t gone without using a bin for so long I really doubt I would feel guilty for using one. But collecting our rubbish in a jar has kept it visible, and that has helped us recognise our impact and work on changing it.

I think jar-life has flicked a switch in my brain, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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