Who we are

Almost zero was founded by Niki Wallace - a sustainable designer and researcher turned waste crusader! Niki was getting asked a lot of questions about zero waste and decided it was time to make it official and offer sustainability coaching. 

Niki Wallace

Founder | Sustainability Coach

Niki Wallace is a designer with a focus on design for transitions and change. She founded Almost Zero in 2017 in response to questions from family and friends about how to reduce their waste and improve their carbon footprints. Niki is an experienced teacher, coach and facilitator whose expertise in sustainability and zero waste lifestyles spanning homes, workplaces and schools helps others to transition towards a more sustainable future.

Brett Hosking

Sustainability Coach

Brett Hosking has a tell it like it is approach that helps people rethink their relationship with rubbish. He has lived a zero waste lifestyle for over three years and draws on his personal experiences when coaching people through their transition to zero waste. Brett is also an animal rights activist and spends his spare time creating artwork and illustrations of animals. Brett and Niki are partners in life and in grime, and they share their waste jar with their two dogs, Ripley and Meadow.

Our personal almost zero journey

Jar life didn’t happen over night. There were a lot of small steps taken along the way that made the seemingly impossible completely possible. Here’s a quick squiz at the first few months of our journey…

Let’s catch up and talk about all things zero waste

The rethink rubbish program has been designed to help you transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle by coaching you through some of the more challenging moments! Everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we tailor our program to suit you.

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