January 11, 2018

Wipe out waste saying no to wipes!

There's a wipe for everything now, wet ones, makeup removers, cleansers, window cleaner, antibacterial, benchtop wipes, floor wipes, baby wipes, deodorant, there's even bum wipes and wipes for your lady garden! Everything you can possibly imagine can be wiped and we've been strangely convinced that we need a disposable single use product to do so. Well I'm here to tell you that we don't.

Buying wipes is buying something just to throw it away.

Despite what the tellybox tells us, we don't need them for protection from germs, we don't need them for their cleaning capability or even for their convenience. We don't need them because there are probably perfectly good reusable cloths within reach that aren't chemical-laden and are compostable at the end of their life.

Over time we've been conditioned to become borderline germophobes. Ads for wipes will have us believe using a sponge is like using a piece of raw chicken to wipe down a bench, and that we need antibacterial wipes to solve this problem. *Germs are everywhere, and they need to be eliminated at all costs.* Research has shown that the modern obsession with germs is doing more harm than good, and that the overuse of antibacterial products is responsible for superbug strains with greater resistance to multiple antibiotics. Personal products like antibacterial hand wipes, bum wipes and vagina wipes are also killing off good bacteria creating an imbalance in the system. The real scam is that antibacterial products don't clean any more effectively than soap and water! The companies who want us to buy more of their things are creating fear and making us paranoid about cleanliness. They persuade us into believing that buying their wipe-thing will wipe out that fear. Cheeky buggers.

We don't need to buy them because they never needed to exist in the first place. Giving these companies money rewards their product-pushing system and generates even more things. The economic status quo is fuelled by the buying and selling of disposable and unnecessary things. Advertising those things is like a sport and brands are playing to win your money. It's time for team citizen to fight back. One unnecessary wipe at a time.


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